Health & Safety Standards

Liquid Bulk's Health & Safety Environmental Standards

Liquid bulk Ltd has an effective HSE department with well trained and dedicated personnel manning the department.

The department oversees the fire unit which can boast of experienced firemen who have put in years in the industry and conversant with the state-of-the-art fire fighting equipment in the unit.

Liquid bulk Ltd places priority on safety hence there is an effective fire and safety Coverage within the facility. There is a standby fire tender with the latest fire fighting equipment manned on a 24 hour schedule within the facility. The entire Liquid Bulk facility has over 600meters hydrant line with two massive Interconnected water pumps of 620m3/h with a 4million water tank capacity with a jockey pump that constantly maintains water pressure of up to 10bars within the hydrant lines.

The tank farm has a gantry of seven islands with 14 sprinkler lines of over 196 water outlets to effectively put out fire during a fire emergency situation. The facility also has a massive foam tank with a cooling ring and foam pourers at the tank farm with sufficient cannon monitors at the jetty.

There are sufficient fire extinguishers within the facility alongside hose reels and an effective alarm system to cover the entire facility.

The company is in partnership with her neighbours alongside government agencies to assist her in emergency situations.

We do not compromise our safety standards.!

We are a Trusted Brand in the Energy Industry.

Our many resources and unparalleled expertise has enabled us to respond quickly and effectively to the dynamics of the marketplace. Comprised of diverse, yet synergistic components, we offer a single source for solutions to across industries.

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